Hi. I’m

I’m always there to connect you to people and things important to you. With your family members, your work team, and even your personal objects, wherever they may be. Ready to transform location data into the information you need so you can feel untroubled and to make best decisions.

Ready to be here. Now.

Need to be in more than
one place at the same time?
Leave it to us.

With Synco, you can keep up with everything from exactly where you are. Check the status of people and objects though a single platform, accessible via website or app – whichever suits you best. From now on, your family, your dog, your team and your deliveries are all in the same spot.

everything in a single place

All our services come together under a single platform that can be accessed either by app or website.

smart algorithm

We convert your contact network’s location data into useful information for you.

more than mobile phones

Our gadgets amplify (a whole lot) the tracking reach of any smartphone.

your data is yours and only yours

Yes, Synco encrypts all your information so that no one (but you) benefits from it.


Your kids aren't home, your grandma lives on her own, the dog is at the vet. Relax. We'll follow everything and keep you updated.


Controlling logistics and distribution processes can be overwhelming. Synco helps you with detailed information on your fleet and cargo so you can support your decisions and boost your business more and more.

Two services
in a single platform.

We know that being there when you need us is what matters. This is why both our services are available to you in two different ways: either downloading our app on your smartphone, or entering our website on your computer’s web browser.

Who’s working
with us


IoT development


Alpha Startup in 2017

SP Stars

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