Wherever your
business goes.

We’ll be there. Synco Performance goes together with your cargo or in the front seat with your collaborators to keep you always updated on everything’s status and position in real-time. With the right information, taking action to improve your business becomes substantially easier.

Zillions of ways
to take care of your business.

Our gadgets are here
to share everything’s location and status.

aim on the fleet

If what you need is to keep up to date with your fleet of motorcycles, cars, or trucks, we offer you position data and reports on routes and driven distances. All measured using our Synco One device. Manage your fleet and speed up communication with your transporters.

aim on the delivery

Besides providing data on where your orders or school buses are, Synco One is equipped with sensors that collect info on transport conditions for perishable and delicate cargo. Get information in real-time, and follow routes and pick-up and drop-off schedules of your parcels, no matter where they are.

aim on the team

With the Synco app available for all your work team, you’re always in touch with them to identify both individual and group improvement opportunities. Also, your team may always find you in case help is needed and you may guarantee all collaborators’ recognition, as they deserve.

All you need to follow.
In a single place.

Synco Performance uses gadgets that track the position and status of your staff, your fleet and your cargo. Meanwhile, you receive information and detailed reports in your office or wherever you are. All you have to know is only a click away.

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Advantages in practice

The benefits of Synco Performance
that will help you and your business everyday.

all information in a single place

Keep up with your delivery’s status, the conditions of your cargo, and the whereabouts of your team from the screen of your smartphone or your computer.

smart up your business

Synco provides reports so that you may track your staff’s performance and promote upgrades in your service.

user groups

Group up people from your team to view everyone’s position on a single map and access their individual reports on locations and schedules.

guaranteed safety

Your staff can reach you in case they need support, besides making sure that an outstanding performance will be recognised on behalf of the company.

route control

Register spots where your fleet travels through so you may calculate pick-up and drop-off schedules for each and every order, besides being the first to know of any detours.

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