Is it possible
to care for someone
from far away?

With us, it is. Synco Care keeps you connected to those who you most love and with what you most value. Keep up with the whereabouts of your family, friends, pets, and personal objects using a single map, updated in real-time.

Always in


All people and objects connect with one another through our device. Always keep it close so that you may find and be found in only the touch of a button.


It sends all data to our network. This is the stage that transforms everything into information and notifications you may gain in our app or website.

Company for those
who need it

Our devices are always around to let you know.

your children

School, practice, Spanish classes, friend’s house – Synco helps you keep up with your kids’ busy routine everyday, at any time.

your parents and grandparents

They can warn you quickly and under any circumstances. You stay at ease, sure that you will be able to help whenever needed.

your pets

Bringing back home your wandering cat or runaway dog will always be easier if you know where they are in the first place.

your things

Worry no more over your handbag, your laptop, and other valuables you carry with you everyday.

your vehicle

Your car is always reachable, even after you’ve left it at the car wash, in the parking lot, or in that magical parking spot in the street you’ve luckily discovered.

An extra hand
in your day-to-day

This is how we help you out

find all you need in a single screen

You keep up with the location of everything you need either on your smartphone or on your computer – whichever is easiest for you.

all together now

Form groups with your family members, friends and objects to view all their statuses in only one map.

favourite places

Register your home, work, and any other place to receive notifications of when your contacts arrive and leave.

the first to know

Synchronise personal agendas with Synco and stay aware of where everyone is each day.


No need to be fussing over the app all the time. Leave it to Synco to let you know about the information you need.

Let’s start

No matter how big your family is or how it works:
we have a plan for you.